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If you are seeking a lead generation partner for financial products,
you will not find a better choice than Market Bullet.

What Market Bullet Offers To Lenders

At Market Bullet, we go above and beyond to help our clients create their most successful campaigns ever.
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Campaign Strategy

Market Bullet continuously creates a variety of innovative marketing campaigns perfectly suited to identify and acquire your ideal customer.

Real Time Delivery

Our engineering team maps the lead delivery process based on your technology requirements and delivers exactly what you have requested, in real time.

Multiple Marketing Channels

Our dedicated marketing team targets various channels both online and offline (PPC, SEO, Display, Email and Direct Mail), to ensure optimal quality and volume.


We are committed to fully understanding your needs. Our experts actively manage campaigns, recommend enhancements, and maximize your ROI.

What Market Bullet Offers To Publishers

There are a multitude of ways to partner with Market Bullet. As one of our publishers, you will get best monetization on your traffic and access to:
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Advanced White Labels and JS Forms

Our team of experts has developed JavaScript forms that you can integrate directly into your website without delay. These dynamic forms ensure that your site has a unique look and feel that captivates prospective buyers.

Weekly Payouts

Market Bullet gives you the flexibility to set your own payout schedule using the platform of your choice. You can schedule payouts as frequently as once per week  via PayPal, ACH, wire transfer, check, WebMoney and other providers.

Online Publisher Portal

Want to access the latest data 24 hours a day, 365 days a year? That is just one more reason to partner with Market Bullet. Our user-friendly portal gives you real-time statistics and reports. You can also create and track multiple campaigns simultaneously.

Dedicated Account Support

We are committed to fully understanding your needs. Our experts actively manage campaigns, recommend enhancements, and maximize your ROI.

Compliance Is the Key to Success

The world of consumer finance has been the target of new regulations and requirements in recent years. In light of these developments, compliance has become more important than ever before.

Market Bullet’s robust compliance initiatives are centered around guidelines set forth by the Federal Trade Commission and the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. We have a dedicated team that reviews any and all new legislation that pertains to the consumer finance industry. Our unparalleled diligence sets us apart from other organizations that operate within the industry.

In addition to these guidelines, Market Bullet also reviews lawsuits and other legal action that has been brought against companies in the realm of consumer finance. By proactively reviewing egregious violations, incidental acts, and other cases, our team can better insulate our clients from vicarious liability.

When reviewing our compliance protocols, Market Bullet strives to protect our affiliate lenders and their service providers. In the end, compliance is ultimately about protecting the consumer. With a commitment to compliance, we can serve our customers with integrity.

Marketing Products


Market Bullet offers a variety of market lead specific services for the U.S. market. Our lead types include:

Payday Loans
Our platform has a vast network of buyers and highly optimized marketing tools,  which means that publishers can generate more revenue from their leads than they could with other programs. 
Personal Loans
There is a huge demand for personal loans throughout the U.S. Our platform can help you capitalize on this market opportunity by connecting you with quality leads who are primed to make a purchase.
Credit Cards
Our Credit Card matching solution helps consumers quickly and easily find a card that is right for them, no matter their credit score.
No Matter What

Quality Control

Market Bullet’s marketing optimization systems are designed to support customer acquisition strategies for all types of lenders, including short-term small dollar loans, personal loans, installment loans, and lines of credit.

Our dedicated Account Representatives are responsible for ensuring that our leads not only convert for the average lender, but that they convert into YOUR portfolio! Constant monitoring, reporting, and making proper adjustments are just some of the responsibilities of your Account Representative.

Geolocation Verification
Our advertisers can set geolocation filters, targeting particular states or multiple states. Our system will filter and deliver leads based on user provided information and lead submission location IP.
Evaluation with regards to advertiser filters
If the submitted leads are found to be beneficial to our buyer and matching their filters then they are forwarded, otherwise they are discarded.
A Lead’s Data Verification
Verification of the collected data is accomplished by comparing the data with several databases to ensure that the name, email, phone and address provided by the consumer are real and legitimate.
Lead Audits by Expert Analysts
This ensures that the complete process has been performed for all of the generated leads before they are sent to the buyers.
When it comes to financial products,
only companies that are 100% in compliance with laws
make good partners for your business.
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