Are the financial leads sold by Market Bullet treated as "exclusive" leads?

Yes! All financial leads sold by us are sold exclusively to the lender that purchases them. We do not double-sell our leads under any circumstance.

Does Market Bullet require a minimum purchase amount for new accounts?

Financial leads can be purchased in any quantity based on your needs. There are no limits or restrictions regarding volume or amount spent in order to get started with us.

How does Market Bullet deliver leads?

We can integrate to any third party lead management software or proprietary system. We can also deliver leads via Email if there are no systems available for integration.

What type of customer support does Market Bullet provide?

Customer service is a top priority for us. Each Advertiser account has a dedicated Account Manager with several years of industry experience. You may contact your Account Manager by phone or email for anything you might need.

How does Market Bullet prevent fraud?

We want to ensure that our advertisers get only the best quality leads and valid sales. We constantly monitor every campaign to detect and deal with fraud attempts such as suppression list abuse, duplicate and proxy IPs, bots, click frequency and much more.

How are Market Bullet’s leads generated?

We generate traffic through online media such as search engine marketing and email promotions. We do not accept any call center, incentivized, non-online or brokered traffic or leads.